Too long …

It has been nearly a week since my last entry. Why? The usual excuse – busy. My wife had me doing some home improvement work and painting, my son’s 8th birthday came and went, more holiday season happenings, and a lot of work related stuff flared up.

On top of that, my running has been tired. Ever since I banged my knee putting up the Christmas tree my runs have been painful. Painful to the point of almost having to cut one short the other day. I went through about five days of feeling tired and rundown. Even though the heart rate didn’t indicate I was working any harder than usual, the runs felt psychologically draining. Fortunately, that feeling went away on Tuesday. I started a pretty long mileage week and the Tuesday 9 miler went smoothly and then I followed that up with a 14 miler on Wednesday. Both felt pretty good and I ran steady and controlled. I was also surprised to find that my heart rate was staying below or at 140 for most of these runs and that the pace was consistently 7:50-8:10. Maybe the bad days mean your body is adjusting and ready to move to the next level. I hope so.

I realize that I have gotten away from posting my workouts. I will try to remedy that by linking to a diary, but so far I have not put that together.

Since this is a new year, I will start from January 1 and post my workouts since then. Here goes:

1/1/07 Off (the day before was Sunday with a 15 miler at 8:00 pace)

1/2/07 9.0 miles/1:16:07/8:24 pace/132 HR avg

This was a good easy run with pace starting at 8:35 and ending at 7:55 and my heartrate below 140 the whole way. I look forward to the day when I can do more lactate threshold work but right now I feel like the aerobic base building is what I really need for long term success.

1/3/07 14.0 miles/1:53:05/8:04 pace/139 HR avg

A good effort today and things felt a lot easier. It was also a better run because my wife was kind enough to switch workout times with me and I didn’t leave until 6:30. These later starts seem to make a big difference – I don’t know if it is psychological or physiological. Whatever it is, I felt strong and could have done this for a while.

1/4/07 5.4 miles/46:33/8:32 pace/129 HR avg

A good and easy recovery run. These go by quickly and easily. I feel like I am starting to become a runner again. I do owe much of my present health and progress to using a heart rate monitor. It really makes me do the easy days at an easy effort – that is not something I ever did in the past and I think I paid the price of always running too hard with injury after injury. Knock on wood, but I hope to be more sensible and avoid injury by be smarting about recovery and understanding the purpose of every run.

So, on a different topic, I am thinking of getting a paper running log and using the electronic one at coolrunning for a backup. There is something about a running journal that you actually write in that intrigues me – reminder of my youth or when paper and pen were more significant in our lives? Probably both. How many of you (if there are any of you reading) use a paper and pen log?

If I get my act together I will post running goals and aspirations for the year.


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