Back from the holidays

The last entry I made was on December 22. Since then, I’ve had some good runs.

December 23 was a recovery run from the nice 9 mile effort the day before. The run was very easy and relaxed, as all the recovery runs have seemed so far. I really see how I need these short easy runs to deal with the effort the Pfitzinger program requires.

The 24th was a long run of 17 miles. It felt really good and I was strong. The only problem was that I had whacked my knee the day before and it was a bit swollen. I have this thing called Osgood Schlater’s disease (don’t ask me what it is – I do know it had something to do with my bone growth when I was younger). It doesn’t really bother me unless I whack it good. I did the other day. I was putting the bird’s nest (we don’t use a star) on the Christmas tree and the wobbly chair I was on gave way and I fell, landing on both knees. It really hurt. I was afraid this run would have to be altered but the knee felt fine and the run was a good one. In the end the run was 17.5 miles in 2:20:10. I felt very strong the whole way.

Monday was Christmas day and a scheduled day off. It was needed and appreciated.

I realized that Tuesday was a pretty hard day – a 9 mile general aerobic run with 4 miles at 15k to half marathon pace. The day was cool and misty; hard to believe that on December 26 I could run in shorts but I did. I ran in the middle part of the state and there are more hills there than in Boston. It was a nice change. I forgot my heart rate monitor so the run was just a pace based thing. It went like this:

8:39, 7:52, 7:38, then the 4 mile pick up began with the first two miles pretty much uphill – 7:10, 6:56, 6:35, 6:38, and then the last four back to a general aerobic pace – 8:15, 8:02.

It was a good workout and a good effort. I felt it, though, and my lungs had a little of that post race burn feeling.

I thought today was supposed to be a recovery day but when I looked at the book I saw 13 miles. Whoa. I guess this is a relatively hard week with a moderate long run after a hard tempo run to stress the body a bit and run when fatigued. I managed it and felt good. The whole run was 135-145 HR and the pace was 8:05 down to 7:50. I did feel it the last three but also sense that it was important to run fatigued. Tomorrow is a recovery run and then Friday is another medium run of 11.

If you don’t read the Running with Lydiard blog, I recommend you do. An interesting entry today about how muscles are used and the Lydiard method.


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