A Christmas Carol …

Watched the Patrick Stewart rendition of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol last night. I always like watching A Christmas Carol and Its A Wonderful Life at this time of year, but I had never seen the Stewart version before. It was very good; not just because the story is timeless but also because the acting was top notch. I have always liked Stewart’s work – he seems very professional and prepared. Now, I just need to get my Its A Wonderful Life fix. And, then, if I could only put those principles into practice – that’s the hard part.

Run this morning was a little over 5 miles at recovery pace (8:30-8:50 pace). It felt smooth and easy. I’ve got to focus on losing those extra pounds. If I can do that it can only help.

On a separate topic, I replaced the battery on my iPod mini. Now, instead of less than an hour of play time, I am back up to just over four hours. Yea. The replacement was not that difficult but it did leave the top of the mini a bit dinged up. A small price to pay for longer battery life. I got the battery from the batteryship website. No complaints from me. The battery came quickly in the mail and the site had directions that I printed out and followed. The included tools were good but the small plastic flat head screwdriver used for prying the top off the mini didn’t work very well for me. I had to use a small thin metal one of my own to get the top off. That was the hardest part. Everything else was pretty easy. If you do decide to do this make sure you read the directions all the way through beforehand. Good luck.

12/21 5.4 miles/47:02


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