Busy, busy, busy …

I have been busy with work (finishing up one brief and starting another) , pre-vacation break school stuff to attend with the kids, and other family related matters.  Somehow the time slipped away and I have not posted since the 14th.  Wow.  It doesn’t seem that long.

This week went by well with the running.  Here are the facts:

12/15  9.1 miles/1:10:22

This was meant to be a moderate effort run and it worked out well.  I averaged 7:40 pace with a 151 HR average.  If I recall the middle miles were in the 7:20-7:40 range and the last mile and the first mile were mid 8:00’s.  Overall, a good effort that didn’t take a lot out of me.

12/16  5.3 miles/43:57  recovery day

I ran very easy, averaging 8:38 pace with HR at 134.  I am taking heed of these easy days and of the off days.

12/17  15.6 miles/2:08:18

A long run that averaged 8:18 pace at 146 HR.  I ran very easy to start, maintaining mid 130s HR for the first five and then going to 140-145 for the next five and finishing with the last five in 145-152.  I don’t know if I should be picking up the last third like this but I read an article somewhere where somebody (isn’t that beautiful writing?) indicated that his best races were done where he did a 15 mile workout with a progressive pickup – starting slow, getting into marathon pace and then finishing a bit faster than marathon pace.  I am not up to that but I figure I should pick it up a bit and I like the feel of a good progression run.  We’ll see.

12/18 Off

12/19 8.3 miles/1:05:38

Again, ran at a moderate pace but I started out faster than usual.  I was able to run most of the run from 7:30-7:50 at HR 150-153.  It felt like a good effort that was not taxing.

12/20 12.0/1:41:05

I had to get up early to get this longer run in.  Out the door at 4:45 am.  I kept the HR at 138-142 the whole way and the pace was 8:10-8:20 throughout.  An evenly paced run that felt good and getting in the miles.   Week 18 is done and now I am into week 17.  The mid week run increases in distance and the Sunday run is up to 17 miles.  I remember when I started in March that runs over 14 seemed very long – now, they seem very doable.  I felt like I could do this pace I was at today for a long, long time.  I feel like I may be able to run much faster this April then I did at Cape Cod.  With any luck in the training and staying healthy part, a sub 3:10 is attainable and maybe even a sub 3:05.  That will make the sub 3:00 barrier the next goal – be it fall 2007 or spring 2008.

I need to start planning my racing schedule for this training session.  I don’t know if I should run the New Bedford Half Marathon on March 18 or the Derry 16 mile Boston tune up on January 21.  I saw on the coolrunning website that there is a new half marathon in Newmarket, NH but it is only two weeks before Boston.  I would love to run that since I grew up in Durham and some of the run is on roads I ran on in high school – forever ago.

If anyone is reading this and has an opinion about either or the two races I mentioned above feel free to chime in.  I guess I could do both but for some reason I have shorter races in mind earlier and then a longer tune up closer to Boston.  I guess that would mean that I should do the New Bedford Half.  Maybe, I will do both and use the Derry 16 miler as a training/tempo run.  I will have to see where the fit on the 18 week Pfitzinger schedule.


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