Starting to feel some change …

Now that I am in the swing of the Pfitzinger 18 week program (for me a 19 week program since I can’t count and started a week early), I can already feel that the longer runs at a slightly faster pace then I have been running, followed up by very easy recovery runs are making a difference.  I can’t quantify it but I just feel it.  That doesn’t sound very scientific but this whole process of marathon training for the long term is a leap of faith to some degree.

Yesterday was an 11.4 mile run at a heart rate ranging from 140-150.  The pace was 7:50-8:10 and felt comfortable.  I am still feeling a little sick but have avoided a full fledged cold – Nyquil seems to have helped a bit.  Today was an easy recovery run of 5.3 miles at a 129 average heart rate; a very easy run.  I think these very easy runs are important because I do feel the longer sustained tempo runs – I am tired after them.  One of these longer, general aerobic runs comes up tomorrow and then a recovery day on Saturday.

With the holiday season coming up, we are confronted with tons of religious images, talk, and opinion (much of it mumbo jumbo to me).  Duncan Larkin has an interesting essay about his time in the armed services.  His brief essay is entitled “Hail and Farewell” and ranges far and wide, but includes a brief snippet of how intolerant many of these religious zealots can be.

Duncan is irreverant, cynical and runs around with a chip on his shoulder, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I like his blog because it is so personal, so him (not that I know him).  He also covers many different topics.  His blog ranges far and wide – from this one I have mentioned to his posting of the Van Halen “Hot for Teacher” video.  Quite a range.  Take a look.   I would hope though, that he gets back to talking about his running.   He has been laid up with a sprained ankle but appears to have overcome that and has begun running again.  His 2:29 mantra is a good read.

11/13 – 11.4 miles/1:32:35

11/14 – 5.3 miles/46:53


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