Felt the urge to move a bit …

I left the house at 5 AM and encountered another balmy morning – just short sleeve shirt needed. This is really nice but I know a change is coming this weekend. The temperature may go from 65 to 35 – no more short sleeve shirts with that kind of weather.

Anyway, I felt pretty easy and loose and decided that I wanted to run a bit faster from three miles during my eight mile loop. So, at the two mile mark I picked it up to a 155 HR (7:25 mile) and then 160-165 HR for the next two (7:12 and 7:15), then back down to a more relaxed pace of 8:10-8:15. This went smoothly and I felt good. Pscyhologically, I am expecting better results. I don’t know why. It could be that I am getting too anxious about running faster sooner instead of later. I have to control that because that will be my downfall. This old body needs to go at it slow and steady.

Work has been busy lately. I have three briefs due in the next 45 days. I am finishing one up now. It is in pretty good shape but needs a bit more fleshing out. I like getting absorbed at the end of a brief when the due date is coming up. If only, I could do that all the time, my writing and logic would be better and I would probably put out a better product. Gotta work on that.

The weekend beckons. I plan on 10 miles Saturday and 13-15 on Sunday.

8.1 miles/1:03:36


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