Running with others …

For the first time since my return to running, I actually ran with someone. A neighbor was chatting with me the other day about my running, Boston, weight loss etc. and commented that we should go for a run. I have in the past balked at running with others because when it came up I was still addicted to monitoring my HR like a hawk and wouldn’t let it climb over 140; I would usually find an excuse to beg out and my solo running would continue. Now that those days are gone and my fitness is much better, I figured I could be a little looser about my grip over solo running. I think, deep down, I also wanted to just be alone with my thoughts during this get to know running again phase. But, it seemed like a good idea to branch out and change things up.

So, I agreed to go for a run on my easy Wednesday and I admit I was looking forward to having company and chatting while running. We met at 5:30 and off we went. We cruised through the brisk morning air, talking about running, our work, city living, you name it. It was fun. Before we knew it the run was over and we had managed to keep the pace easy – at or below 140. The run was a success and I think we just might do it again sometime. It was a nice change of pace.

Tomorrow is a 5k road race in Clinton, MA. I am shooting for a sub 20 and hoping for a 19:30, but I am unsure what my present fitness will translate into for a 5k. Here’s to a fast race.

7.2 miles/1:01:43


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