Catching up…

The weekend got very busy what with family stuff, community stuff and just stuff.

We saw a funny play on Saturday night – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. It was very witty and wry. The whole family enjoyed it. We are still debating whether one of the audience members who was called up to participate¬† actually spelled the tough word he was given correctly (four members participated in the play/”bee” and they were the butt of some funny jokes). I think it was rigged. But, whatever the truth, it made for some hilarious moments. I particularly liked the woman who was given the word “cow” to spell. The audience members who participated in the bee were told to ask for the definition and to have it used in a sentence. When this woman asked for the definition of cow the head of the bee said “It’s a cow.” And, when she asked for it to be used in a sentence the response was “Spell cow.” Very funny.

In terms of running, my Saturday run was easy and uneventful. 7.2 mile loop in 58:09. Sunday was my first relatively long run since the marathon. I ran 14.5 miles in 1:56:20. It felt easy for the most part but I did feel it in my hips at the end. I turned it into a slight progression run. I started with HR of 140 and then each half hour edged it up 5 beats until I ended at 155. I wonder if I should be doing that or just running the whole thing at 140.

I read Andrew’s interesting post on training here. I should probably be planning my training more but I just have not gotten around to it yet. I need to be more thoughtful about what I am doing and what the purpose of each run is. But, maybe like Andrew, I need to just slog through getting my mileage up and slowly lower my times until I feel I am at a standstill. That is pretty lame though considering all the experiences of others I can access and learn from. That is, for me, the beauty of the internet. I believe that if I had had this kind of access to information 20 years ago I would have been a better runner and would not have had to rely on the whim of coaches who may or may not have known what they were doing. At least now, I can use the info to make myself a better older runner.

Saturday 7.2 miles/58:09

Sunday 14.5 miles/1:56:20

Miles for week – 56.4


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