What has society come to?

This is absurd and crazy.

No more books for me from ReganBooks or HarperCollins. I’m all for the First Amendment, but that doesn’t mean I have to buy it and I can’t complain to my friends how pathetic they are if they buy the book. I hope nobody I know buys this thing because it will force me to re-evaluate their sanity and our friendship.

And, surprisingly, no more Fox television for me … which I don’t think I watch anyway unless it is football or baseball and those I can do without for the sake of taking a stand on this.

Perhaps I am overly sensitive to this form of “public discourse” because I don’t watch the attack shows on television that seem to get everybody riled up. And, thus I am not used to this kind of trash as part of my everyday discourse. While I do participate on the defense side of the criminal justice system and am disillusioned by that and by how our society deals with its poor, mentally ill, and economically disenfranchised, I do not have to have the discussion of these things thrust at me on television by radicals on both sides. But, perhaps I am being niave and ignoring the reality of my situation. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I do know that I am appalled by the OJ book and interview.

. . .

Onto my run this morning. Up a bit earlier than usual to fit in an extra twenty minutes. Tried to keep the HR at 142 (yes the monitor is working again – just needed a new battery; seems like I go through a battery every six weeks). Managed to do that but got it up to high 140s at points and that was harder than I wanted to do at this point. Overall, a good run. My hips were feeling it a bit at the end. I need to work more on my base, that still has a way to go.

10.5 miles/1:24:00


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