Rain, rain go away …

Another rainy day. Well, at least for the first half hour of my run – that first half hour was really wet. But, being positive, at least it wasn’t windy and raining sideways; I really hate sideways rain. Truth be told, though, I don’t really mind running in the rain. I enjoy it, as long as it isn’t a cold rain and today’s rain wasn’t that cold. About half way through the run the rain stopped and it was just misty and overcast, much like yesterday. Again, I didn’t see anyone until about 5:45 am. I ran by the area where that lurking splash occurs and walked slowly so as not to frighten whatever was there and in hopes of catching a glimpse of whatever it is. All my creeping was for naught – there was nothing there. Maybe next time.

For some reason my Timex Ironman watch could not get a signal from the heart rate monitor. Is it time to buy another battery already? I just bought one at the beginning of October. That seems way too earlier for another battery. Does anyone else have this kind of battery turnover for their heart rate monitor?

Since I did not have the monitor, I ran easy, very easy, just to make sure I would not run too hard. No need running hard now. I am still recovering from the marathon.

I read this morning in the New York Times that marathoners over 50 might have an increased risk of heart disease from marathon training. Gee, I hope not. Anyone else have any medical research about this?

Now that I am back into running, I enjoy being healthy, thinner, and fit. Does it mean that the strain of the marathon may have a connection to heart disease or that the training is the connection? Whatever, it is, I guess life is full of risks and each choice has a pro and a con. There must be more to this study then just the result reported. I will see what I can find out.

7.2 miles/1:01:00


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