Something lurking?

Although it is Saturday and I had planned to sleep in for an extra hour, I did not. My internal clock is now conditioned to a 5 AM wakeup. So, instead of drowsing and constantly looking at the clock every ten minutes, I got up and out the door only a half hour later than usual.

There are not many people out running at 5:00 or 5:30. I see more people start to trickle out onto the roads and paths along the Charles River at the end of my runs – around 6:30 am. I think I am one of the first presences on the Charles River bike paths in the morning. With that said, the past five or six mornings as I come by the Mass Ave overpass, I pass close by the Charles River and I hear a huge splash near the banks of the river; the water ripples and churns and something disappears into the blackness of the Charles River. I assume I have surprised something and it escapes. But, whatever it is, it seems really big. And, I have no idea what it is. If I can remember to stop and sneak up on it, I will and let you know what I discover. It is a weird occurrence. I don’t know what to make of it.

Run was easy this morning and legs felt decent. Kept the heart rate at 138-140; Average was 138. I need to find the time to map out a plan for Boston 2007 but for now I am content with easy mileage for the next two weeks or so. I plan on running some race around Thanksgiving.

7.2 miles/59:06


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